Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First Real Blog

Well, here I am crawling into the new technology. Nearly all of my friends have Blogs and I have been resistant to move forward. Probably because I'm always afraid of typing something that sounds funny in my head but offensive to someone reading it. Especially if that person doesn't know me and my warped sense of humor. : ) So anyone out there that reads this I don't set out to offend. Be nice when you disagree.

So, why I am here? Because I'm a writer. It's in the blood I think. I've always created stories in my head. Form of escapism it said in my Pysch Book in college. But I love stories, and the things the characters do. My favorite books are always the ones that just suck you into the world and make you lose yourself and picture yourself in that world or even in that person. I've been reading everything I could get my hands on since I can remember.

Fantasy has always been my steadfast favorite, but I have to admit that some of my friends have totally got me hooked on the newer breed of romance. And I say 'I have to admit' because I was raised in a house where the significant female read those books where the weak female was rescued by the big burly man and everything went happily ever after. So I refused to read them. Now don't get me wrong, I like the HEA and you know I like the big burly man (you should see my SO), but the weak female? No way! Sorry. I can't do that. Most of the women I know are far stronger than that and That is what I want to read about. S0 now I can.

And now I'm hooked. Love reading the romances. Apparently my muse does too, a few months ago a romantic suspense story came into my head and it just won't leave until I write it all. And better yet, I can see more stories stemming from this one. Oh, the wicked things I have planned for those characters!

I'm not published yet, my craft hadn't been quite there yet. There is a difference in telling a story and writing a novel as I quickly learned when I attempted my first novel. But I have excellent critique partners who have helped me immensely and I have taken some courses and I already can see the difference in how I write and how I structure the story. My goal is to have my current WIP finished, edited, polished and presentable by the end of the year.

So have fun and keep an eye on me. Pretty soon I will have a new website too. Look at me, gaining on the technology highway.