Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Um, well, that last post didn’t really predict everything so well. My sister was out again this summer and kicked me in the butt to start blogging again. I have got to get better writing habits!!

Writing has been good. Not producing a lot, but I am producing. I’ve got about 94 pages on a first draft. I showed a scene to a writer friend here in town, she liked it by the way, but told me, “You know, your draft would be longer if you double spaced it like you’re supposed to.” Yeah, I know, but I’m trying to save a few trees here. It’s nowhere near submission quality, hell, I’m not even finished with the very rough first draft. At least, I can say I’m half way through the first draft. The real test will be during revisions. I’ve made tons of notes along the way, and I’ve got lots of layering to do. And I have to struggle with Sam and not let her take over the damn story. Sam, it’s about Kathleen, your story is later!

I’ve reluctantly entered the world of Facebook. I avoided it, complained about it and generally whined. Who has time anyway? Well, I guess the gods that be heard all that and decided to zing me with irony once again. They’ve made it so easy it’s hard not to play on it. I’ve connected with an old friend from high school, connected with the parents of Miss M’s friends, and of course the person who usually holds my hand on all the new social networking stuff, my sister. Thanks sis, for giving me something to do instead of work. ;)

I’m going to stop here and TRY to blog again next week. We’ll see if I can do it.