Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Progress Report

It’s Sunday here and Little Miss M is watching “Alvin and the Chipminks” while I’m in my office trying to catch up on my writing. Real job got in the way a lot last week. Margie Lawson’s class is over and I’m frustrated with myself for missing most of the last half. No matter how much I tell myself that my WIP still isn’t ready for that deep of scrutiny yet.

I found a couple more courses that I’m going to take in the next month. Both are given by very good writers. The first is April 14 , 2008- May 11, 2008, "Getting it Right. Real-Life Detail for your FBI Law Enforcement Hero/Heroine" with Rae Monet. Here is the link if you are interested:

Rae is an extremely talented woman and versatile. She designed my soon to be website! If you are in the need of a new site, you should look at her work. Beautiful doesn’t come close to describing her work.

Oh, the other class I signed up for is Writing Erotica with Angela Knight and now I can’t find the link, but here is their website: They offer online courses all year long. If you get time check out her blog: Truly inspiring.

Now for something completely different. (Can you tell I like Monty Python?)

My real job has me hip deep in business all day. And it happens I know quite a bit about accounting, business legal, taxes, banking and general day to day operations. Now I’m not a certified accountant or anything but if you need someone with general information for a story you are working on feel free to send me your questions. It turns out I know quite a bit. I just never thought of it like that until I was helping one of my crit partners. So ask away!


Leah Braemel said...

I know I keep bugging you with questions - which reminds me I've got a couple more for you. If I can remember them. ;)

I've signed up for those two courses too! See you soon, classmate!

Dani said...

No, don't worry about bugging me! It made me realize that I have something to contribute to others. I know I pester everyone else in 'my circle' (which is pretty tiny right now), so this is nice to have something to 'bring to the table' so to speak. And maybe bring more into my little circle, so I don't have to pester you every five mintues! :-)