Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lorie O’Clare

I’d like to introduce everyone to Lorie O’Clare. An incredibly talented and prolific writer. She has written ten, yes ten, books this year. Some have already been released through Ellora’s Cave. (Click here to see her page there.) And more will be published next year in print with St. Martin’s and Kensington. One of which is Tall, Dark, and Deadly.

Click to go to Amazon and read the reviews!


Anonymous said...

I'm seeing that word count, Dani. Way to go. Lorie's book looks scrumptious! Let me check her out.

Dani said...

Hi there! Sorry I didn't see your comment.

Lorie is a great writer. She's done several dozen ebooks but I believe this is her first printing from one of the New York houses. (If I got it right.)