Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lies & Deception

So a lawyer, a cop, and a PI walk into a bar...

No, it's not some sleazy joke. It's the premise of my new story. I think it's turning into a series. I've got quite a bit of material and I can see more happening to them. Can you see the potential for crazy things to happen with these three personality types?

Right now I'm in the outline and research phase and having lots of fun with it. I have a lot of research for Kate's story that actually works better for this one at the moment. So the story is going to be these three women starting their own PI firm together. In the begining, two of them DO NOT get along so that is going to be fun to write about. Especially since one of them relishes in annoying the other. But really, she needs to lighten up!

Here's the tidbit:

Lies & Deception Inc.

Three no non sense, strong women come together to form their own Investigation and Specialized Protection Agency. They deal with the average, everyday cheating spouse, insurance scammers, frivolous law suit filers, as well as stalkers. And if you’re in a real jam, they can actually help you disappear.

The Diplomat – A former lawyer sick of the bureaucratic red tape decides she can use the system to help the innocents and actually protect victims instead of the criminals. Excellent at diplomacy, she can twist everything you say and make you admit to being wrong and apologize for it.

The Defiant – A former cop that couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Loved by all her coworkers, but despised by her bosses. She became uncontrollable and frustrated with the politics of the office. Pushed off the force may keep her out of a uniform, but it won’t keep her off the streets. She remains close to her siblings in blue and helps out when she can, but working on her own she now isn’t tied to all the rules. Can talk crap with the best of them and tends to be so blunt she incites hatred from others.

The Deceiver – With questionable backgrounds no one really knows where she came from. Has a quick mind and fast study. Got her start actually working for another agency but became bored with trying to help the bad guys when her mentor was bought out. Has the looks of someone sweet and na├»ve, but she’s the one to do the dirty work. Knows how the criminals think far too well. Has a terrible rage hidden from the world that manages to escape when she starts drinking vodka. She’s the expert on disappearing and undercover.

Diplomacy, Defiance, and Deception


Leah Braemel said...

Your opening line is a great 'high concept' approach.

Now I'm wanting to see chapters ...

Dani said...

Thanks! I'm still on the outline phase, but I've got ALOT of the story figured out. I'm pushing through the middle and think I've already got the 'main idea' for the second story. I'm trying to have one book focus on each of the three girls. SO the fist one is going to be about the lawyer, the second the former cop, and the third about the PI.

The PI story feels like the most fun for me, so it'll be my reward to get to write it after the first two. Plus there's the possibilty of doing more stories on the future employees.

I'm really excited about this one. It's been alot of fun and only a couple of weeks that I've really worked on it. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I love the whole idea, can't wait to read more.

Dani said...

Thanks Marley! Can't wait to show you.