Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Writing update – I’ve have written every day since I met my goal of starting to write before Easter. That’s more than ten days. YEAH me. On average I’ve written about 600 words a day. True, not a great amount but the range has been from 90 words one day to 1662 on another day. I’ve only had two days were I wrote 90 and 106 words, but I was going to a funeral and such so you have to give me that. I think the important thing is to get in that habit of writing every single day. I have an excel file keeping track of my daily log. I'll let you know how it's going as time wears on. I expect that my output will start to come easier the longer I'm doing it every single day.

Fun Stuff – Check out Leah’s blog. I inspired it! It’s all about having dreams (the kind while you’re asleep) that actually come true. So does that ever happen to you?

Weird Stuff – Okay, so I try to do the good mom thing and let Miss M experience different stuff. We do piano lessons, and we went through horse lessons, Tae Kwon Do, and more recently dance. Piano is going to stick, but then we’ll sign up for something new for three months and see what we like. Miss M loves the ‘idea’ of doing all these things but when she realizes the work involved gets bored really fast.

I have to tell you though that dance is going to be OUT. The conversations that go on among the dance mothers, OMG, I can’t possibly even describe it properly. All I know is that I need a drink afterwards. Don’t believe me? Think I exaggerate? DH does, then the babysitter came one day when I had to be somewhere and she tagged off and took Miss M home for me. Her opinion? “OMG, I thought women like that only existed in movies and books. They are so WEIRD!” via her text messages to me, after only being there for 15 minutes. Yes 15 minutes. I think we may go back to horses, they talk less.


Misty Wright said...

If you are writing everyday then it doesn't matter how much you write. As long as words are getting on the paper. You will always have those days when you only do 90 words or something like that. The key is writing every single day. :) Great job!!

I agree with the whole dance mothers. My oldest dd was in dance for one year. (I made her stick it out a year). I'm not a dance mother let me tell you. I don't go all out with everything they do. I was glad when she didn't want to go back for another year. :)

Dani said...


Thank you so much. The third week of my writing everyday my words per day increased. Yeah! My fourth week started Sat so I'll report on that next week.

We're doing half semester. We started in Jan and are going through to the recital which is at the end of May. It's not even the whole going all out thing, (I get it, but I wouldn't take it to that extreme) it's the conversations. These women talk about the weirdest damn things! It's everything in me not to laugh at them. It hurts. :)

Misty Wright said...

I would sit in the Van with the other kids so I didn't have to listen to all that stuff. :)

Keep up the writing! Things will always come up but as long as you write something you are writing everyday and that is progress. :D

Dani said...

Thank you on the encouragement.

I only have the one and I'm too paranoid to leave her in there and wait in the truck. So I have to suffer three more weeks. I think we're going to try guitar lessons after this. :)